Bulk Leads Just Got Easier To Acquire And At A Set Monthly Fee!

Digital Marketing

If you’re selling anything online, then you need email marketing to sell your product(s) effectively. The bottom line is that without email marketing, you’re going to throw thousands of dollars down the drain trying to sell people directly on your sales offer. If you have no idea of how to get leads, then your problem may be at the lead generation stage. The good news is that you can get a vast amount of bulk leads for your business, to propel your email marketing system into high gear!


There’s nothing wrong with getting bulk leads. People make a big deal about it in all of the email marketing media, but the problem that they are having is just that they have no idea of how to convert leads into customers. In fact when business owners try to do lead generation and email marketing on their own, they usually fail. Why do things the hard way when you can have highly qualified bulk leads at your disposal?  A lot of businesses don’t know better so they harvest email addresses which is the wrong way to go about it.  Dealdirectleads.com provides single optin email leads from hundreds of sources so that you can email market properly.  It is a numbers game, you need major volume and the right offer to make email marketing work.  It’s best to build a newsletter by giving away something that results in them double opting in to your newsletter.


There’s a website online called “Dealdirectleads.com” that has the ultimate source of bulk leads available on the internet. All of the leads at this website are qualified and highly targeted, and are fresh. There is nothing stale about these leads, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting more volume and verticals from them than you would anywhere else, at a lower cost than anyone else.


If you want the edge over your competitors, you need all the bulk leads that you can get. In busy and competitive niches such as online marketing, home business, health and fitness, insurance, real estate, mortgage and other niches – you need every advantage over your competitors that you can get. And this site will help you to do just that.


Imagine getting a fresh supply of new bulk leads with health every day on a consistent basis without having to spend money testing new advertising and lead generation sources. For one low monthly fee, you can get a steady stream of bulk leads available for download daily. There’s a special member portal where you can have access to their server via a download link, and you download the leads at your convenience.


Plus, you should know that your bulk leads are indeed spam-compliant as they are single optin leads. They make sure that every lead that they acquire has a website source, a time and date, and an IP address to confirm that they are indeed real people. If they find out that any of the lead sources are not single optin, they get rid of that source.



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